Barbara Clements & Associates, Inc. provide a network of associates worldwide who have recognized expertise and professionalism in the various areas of Trade Compliance. We take a unique approach to export and import compliance by embedding compliance policies and standards in the day-to-day operation of your business. Our uniqueness stems from our approach of teaching and empowering the entire corporate entity. We teach you how to interpret the cryptic language of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) and government-speak; thus empowering you to perform your due diligence and oversight tasks with confidence and competence. Even if you only do business within the borders of your own country, there are trade compliance requirements. The key question to ask yourself is: How do export/import laws affect my business?

Because compliance is everyone's business in your organization; our aim is to incorporate the rules into your existing processes (SOX, ISO, etc.). We also help new businesses in this rules incorporation process. We will add value to your company's ability to adhere to the regulations and thus trade more successfully in the global marketplace. Your business will attract companies that are compliant and that want a secure supply chain; even if that supply chain is within the borders of your own country.

John Dellapa, Counsel
Mintz Levin
"I had the opportunity to work with Barbara for many years and came to know her as someone on whom I could rely for a timely, accurate and unvarnished view of compliance matters. Barbara takes regulatory compliance seriously and approaches her work on behalf of her clients accordingly."

Eduardo Hernandez, President
Cornerstone Trade Strategies, Inc.
"Barbara does not cut corners and goes straight to the point. As it pertains to Compliance, I believe that this is a key strength to have. She has demonstrated her knowledge from both, DoC and DoS perspective. She can work, train and manage any level of the business."

Gene Edmiston,Director, WW Supply Chain Operations
Emerson Process Management.

"Barbara is one of the most dynamic trade compliance professionals I have meet in my career. She has a true passion for the industry and her excitement to help and train people along the way is quite sincere. I trust Barbara to provide solid advice and guidance as well as appreciate her "tell it like it is" honesty."

Robert Meschuk, President
Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corp.
"Barbara understands trade compliance issues inside and out. She's the "Go To" person for anything related to this activity. Great Results, Expert, Good Value."

Richard Modesette, Owner
Safe Export

"I am a retired Special Agent and Special Agent in Charge, formerly with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security, where I worked for 20 years enforcing federal export laws and regulations regarding dual use goods and technology. I came to know Barbara many years ago when she was employed as the export administrator by a major computer manufacturer. She and I have had numerous conversations and interactions regarding export issues. She is without a doubt one of THE most knowledgable persons regarding federal export law and regulations in the United States today. I can recommend her without any reservations and with the highest possible recommendation. Quite frankly, I don't know anyone who understands federal export regulations better than she does. Even I, after years with the Commerce Department, have learned from her. Anyone may contact me to discuss her qualifications."

Seth Tomei, Global Trade Compliance Manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific (colleague)
"Barbara Clements helps make a complicated and potentially threatening subject matter more user friendly and understandable. Her industry experience is invaluable and she is knowledgable in a variety of issues. With this, she is able to assess different situations and put corrective action plans in place if any issues exist."

Jeremy Huffman, Founder and Partner
Huffman Riley Kao PLLC (business partner)
"Barbara brings a wealth of experience to export compliance issues and understands the practical side of conducting business under the U.S. export laws."

John Mayfield, Manager - Dangerous Goods Transportation
Thermo Fisher Scientific
"Barbara is a detail oriented expert in import/export regulations. Her knowledge of all aspects is excellent. She is a hard worked, willing to dig into any situation and work with people to correct any deficiencies. She has a good understanding of processes and procedures and can provide assessment of compliance effectively and efficiently. It was a pleasure to work with Barbara."

Nicholas Seitanakis, Corporate Counsel, VP & Chief Counsel
"Barbara is a nationally recognized export and ITAR expert. I learned a tremendous amount of substantive information from working with Barb. She is an extremely valuable information resource, and always provides consistent, level-headed, value-added compliance advice and recommendations."

Johnnie Moore, District Manager
DHL Global Forwarding (business partner)

"My name is Johnnie Moore and I know Barbara Clements to be a true professional. She has shown great knowledge and passion with reference to all things compliance. She is an industry expert and has always been willing to help and assist when requesed. She is also genuine in a time and in an industry that does not always breed genuine people. Barbara is certainly an asset to any business or persons that are in close proximity to her. I can't speak highly enough on her behalf."

Susan Butler, Global Trade Compliance Specialist
"Barbara is very knowlegable in her field and very enthusiastic about her work!. She knows the import export business in and out. When Barbara trains others she does it in such way that she is able to capture the audience to be able to go away with a clear understanding."

David Hayes, Director
David Hayes-Export Control, UK
"Barbara is a true professional in the compliance arena. She understands how to apply compliance policies and procedures 'for real', in a commercial environment. She has a particular talent and passion for mentoring those new to or inexperienced in the field and there are many practitioners out there who are grateful for her guidance."

Ernest Galanes, CONSECO
"Barbara is a true mentor who teaches through first-hand experience. She challenges you to find the answers and learn from your experiences, which you will retain throughout your career. I highly recommend her as a tremendous resource in the Global Trade Compliance field."

Marci Gentry, Director - Global Trade Compliance
Nortel Networks International, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure to work with Barb twice in my career. I have been both her peer and manager and she has taught me more about compliance in both roles than any other person. She is very talented and driven. She pays attention to detail and will find the solutions needed to develop a 'best in class' trade compliance program. Barbara has extensive knowledge on both Import and Export regulations and is very diverse in both the defense and commerce regulations. Barbara would make a great addition to any company or would be a great consultant for any trade compliance projects."